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Warsaw Tales

Our Indispensable Translators

Stefan Bodlewski (b. Warsaw, 1971) studied English Philology at the University of Lodz.. He has translated the poetry of Kenneth Slessor and admits to a weakness for black jelly beans and vintage car rallies. Find in Warsaw Tales his translations of poetry by Ewa Kowalczyk, Grazyna Tatraska, Jaroslaw Klejnocki and prose by Leszek Engelking in Warsaw Tales.

Jennifer Croft (b. Oklahoma, U.S.A.) holds an MFA in Translation and is currently completing her PhD in Comparative Literature at Northwestern University. She has translated work by Olga Tokarczuk, Hanna Krall, and Marzanna Kielar. She lives in Paris. Her translation of Jacek Posiadlo’s “Millenium Drift” appears in Warsaw Tales.

Karolina Maślarz (b. Warsaw, 1984) graduated from Warsaw University, Institute of English Studies with an M.A. in translation. She has participated in a Socrates-Erasmus student exchange at Charles University (Prague) and has translated Polish authors like Slavomir Mrożek and Marek Nowakowski. Many of her translations of poetry and prose, with the assistance of John a’Beckett, appear in Warsaw Tales.

Wojciech A. Maślarz (b. Kutno, Poland, 1962), Polish Editor of New Europe Writers, is a translator as well as contributor to Warsaw Tales. His translation of Jacek Dehnel’s poem “Central Station” appears in Warsaw Tales.

Katarzyna Waldegrave (b. London, 1942) was raised in New Zealand and resides in Wellington. She is a translator of Mrożek and other writers and teaches English and Social Science. Her translation of Jan’ Himilsbach’s short story “Henke Bulbes and Co” appears in Warsaw Tales.

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