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Prague Tales

Our Indispensable Translators

Jonathan Bolton is an Assistant Professor at Harvard. His translations of Czech authors have appeared in Daylight in Nightclub Inferno and in Cento Magazine.

Vera Borkovec is a professional translator and Emeritus Professor of American University in Washington, D.C. She has written and lectured on Russian and Czech language, linguistics, literature, and theatre.

Alexandra Buchler studied art and literature. In 1978 she left her native Prague to live in Greece, Australia, and now Britain. She has translated novels, short stories, and plays from Czech into English and is on the board of Transcript.

G. S. Evans is a writer and translator, as well as co-editor of The Cafe Irreal. An excerpt from his novella Bohemia recently appeared (in Czech) in the Czech literary journal Labyrint. His translations of the work of Czech writer Arnost Lustig have appeared in The Kenyon Review and New Orleans Review

Bernie Higgins (b. England) lives in Prague, where since 1994 she teaches Gender and Literature studies at Charles University. She founded Prague’s Poetry on the Metro project, has organised the annual Czech Poetry Day since 2000 and regularly presents on Czech literature for Czech Radio.

Chris Hopkinson is a translator who teaches at the Department of English and American Studies, University of Ostrava.

Toby Litt His most recent novel is Hospital. He co-edited New Writing 13 with Ali Smith. Selected by Granta as one of the Best of Young British Novelists, his website is http://www.tobylitt.com.

James Naughton studied Czech at Cambridge and lectures at Oxford .His translations include Bohumil Hrabal’s The Little Town Where Time Stood Still (Abacus, 1993) and Total Fears: letters to Dubenka (Twisted Spoon Press, 1998).

Andrew Oakland teaches at the Moravian University in Brno and is editor of The Messenger. He is a translator of contemporary Czech literature, currently working on The Empty Streets’.a novel by Michal Ajvaz

David Short is a translator of contemporary Czech Literature into English. He studied Russian and French, spending over six years in Prague before becoming Lecturer in Czech and Slovak at SSEES in 1973. His academic interests have included Czech-English-Czech lexicography and the impact of Czech and Slovak on English. He has published widely on aspects of the Czech and Slovak languages, literature, and society.

Eva Uhlirova is a prominent Ecological Scientist teaching at Charles University, a critic of Ionesco, and translator of the works of Marian Palla.

Andrée Collier Zaleska lives in Boston. After spending five years in Pilsen, she earned an M.A. in Russian and East European Studies from Harvard University. She is currently translating the work of Czech women writers of the ’68 generation.

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