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Budapest Tales

Our Indispensable Translators

Stephen Humphreys (b Ireland, 1993), he has lived in Senegal and Hungary. He travels compulsively, has experience in journalism, publishing and literary translation, and has taught post-colonial literature and postmodern theory at Eotvos Jozsef Kollegium, ELTE University, Hungary.

lukacsVeronika Lukacs (b.Budapest, 1977) studied at Tokyo and London Universities and obtained an MA in English from the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. She has translated such contemporary poets into Hungarian as Peter Finch and Penny Windsor’s poems (2004) Mooving Wails in the Anthology of Contemporary Anglo-Welsh Poetry. For Budapest Tales she has translated two stories by Ivan Bacher: “Class Struggle” and “Confirmation.”

Brian McLean (b. Britain) is a British translator specializing in the social sciences.  He has lived in Hungary since 1977.

Eszter Molnár ( b.1956, Hunagary) spent five years in England as a child, and studied English and French at Eötvös University, Budapest.  She has translated such Hungarian authors as Sándor Márai,  Iván Mándy, and Magda Szabó. She was awarded the Columbia University Translation Award (1986) and the Milán Füst Translation Prize (1996).

morganEdwin Morgan (b. Glasgow 1920) is a prolific Scottish poet who has worked in a wide range of forms and styles, from the sonnet to concrete poetry. He has also translated from a wide range of languages, including Russian, Hungarian, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Old English (Beowulf). He is the translator in Budapest Tales of Otto Orban’s poem “The Ladies of Bygone Days.”

April Retter (b. New Zealand), lived and worked for years as a native English language teacher at the International House in Budapest in the late 80’s. She translated some books for children from Hungarian into English, including Aliz Mosonyi’s “Tales of Budapest,” three of which are featured in Budapest Tales. In the 90’s she moved to Prague.

sollosy-picJudith Sollosy (b. Hungary) has a degree in English Literature from Columbia University. Since 1975 she has been living in Budapest where she is senior editor at Covina books. Her drama and short story translations have appeared in books and periodicals in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Her latest translations include Peter Esterhazy’s The Book of Hrabal (1993) and A Little Hungarian Pornography (1995) as well as Endre Andy’s Neighbours of the Night (1994). In Budapest Tales she is the translator of Istvan Orkeny’s short stories and Lajos Parti-Nagy’s “An Unusual Incident.”

sohar-transPaul Sohar (b. Hungary) drifted as a young refugee to the US where he received a BA in philosophy but worked as a lab assistant. Translation helped him break into print, including Kenyon Rattle and Seneca Reviews. Among his nine books “Dancing Embers”, Sandor Kanyadi in translation, stands out (Twisted Spoon Press, 2002). For Budapest Tales, Paul has translated the poetry of Zoltan Borszirmenyi, Istvan Ferenczes, Janos Olah, and Janos Lackfi.

sommer-transPiotr Sommer (b. Poland) is a poet and translator of English, Irish, and American poetry. He is the author of eight books of poetry, including one in English, Things to Translate. He is also one of the founding editors of the Polish Language monthly “World Literature.”

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