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Bucharest Tales

Fleur Adcock (b. 1934, Auckland) studied Classics at Victoria University in Wellington and taught at the University of Otago. A prolific and award-winning poet, she visited Romania, leaned the language and found Grete Tartler’s poetry. Her latest collection is Dragon Talk (2010).

Elena Arma (b. Bucharest, 1987) has a degree in English and Spanish Philology and studies under Prof. Lidia Vianu. She has translated poems from English into Romanian for the online magazine Translation Café and for the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company.

Adam J. Sorkin won the 2005 Translation Prize of The Poetry Society (UK) for Marin Sorescu’s The Bridge, translated with Lidia Vianu. His recent books of translation include Ruxandra Cesereanu’s Crusader-Woman and Mariana Marin’s The Factory of the Past, translated with Daniela Hurezanu.

Alistair Ian Blyth (b. 1970, Sunderland) studied at Cambridge and Durham Universities. In 1999, after working as a teacher in Siberia, he settled in Bucharest where he now translates literary fiction and philosophy.

Andrew Elliott (b. 1961, Limavady, Co. Derry) lives in Manchester. He was the first recipient of the Allan Dowling Poetry Travelling Fellowship was selected to appear in Trio Poetry 4 (Blackstaff 1985).

Jean Harris (b. Manhattan) studied literature at Rutgers University. Her published works include The One-Eyed Doctor, and a novel, Diffidence. She lives in Bucharest where she writes for Observator Cultural, directs the Observer Translation Project whilst working on a Romanian memoir.

Constantina-Gabriela Moateru (b. 1988, Balş) studied at West Timişoara University specializing in English and French Language and Literature. She studies on the MA TCLT Programme at Bucharest University and collaborates with Radio Romania and The Bucharest National Theatre.

Alina-Olimpia Miron teaches English/French and is a certified translator. She graduated from Bucharest University where she earned an MA in literary translations. She also translated books for publishing houses and articles and poetry for various magazines.

Philip Orr (b. 1955, Belfast) was educated at the University of Ulster. He is currently chairman of the New Ireland Group.

Zenovia Popa (b. Calarasi, Romania, 1978) graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Bucharest. She works as a translator and interpreter and studies at the MTTLC, Bucharest University.

Constantin Roman (b. Romania) is a scientist and linguist, educated at the Bucharest University and at Cambridge. He has lived in France, Norway, Holland, and Indonesia. His home is London, where he contrives to indulge (albeit with limited success) in serendipity and esotericism.

Stefan Stoenescu was born in Bucharest during Ceaucescu’s dictatorship and ‘reborn’ in New York. He was an academic at Bucharest University, Faculty of Foreign Languages (164-1987) and requested political asylum in the U.S. in 1987

Lidia Vianu ( b.1947, Romania) is a poet, novelist, critic, and translator and Professor of Contemporary British Literature at Bucharest University. Winner of the 2005 Corneliu M. Popescu Prize for European Poetry Translation from the Poetry Society (UK), she edits the online review, Translation Café and Contemporary Literature Press. She is the Editor of the recent Tri-Lingual e-book “Povresti din Varsovia/Warsaw Tales/Powiesci Warszawie” published by CLP in collaboration with N.E.W.

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