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Ljubljana Tales

 John a’Beckett. (b. Melbourne, Australia, 1948) is a poet and radio playwright. He came to Poland in 1995 on a Potter Foundation Grant for The Melbourne Writers Theatre. A co-founder of New Europe Writers, he is the author of The Polish Year, and The High Country, published by CKZ.

 Alja Adam.  (b. 1976, Slovenia ) her poetry has been included in various Slovenian and international publications and translated into Italian, English, German, Croatian and Serbian. In 2003 she published a book of poems entitled Zaobljenost (Roundness). She often presents her poetry together with bother art forms: dance, video and electronic music. She has recently published a new book of poetry entitled Zakaj omenjati Ahila (Why Mention Achilles).

Marina Bahovec (b. 1946, Ljubljana) is a painter and freelance writer. She studied at the Philosophy Ljubljana University and the Accademia de Belle Arti in Venice. She has exhibited in Slovenia, Italy, England, and Indonesia. Her poetry has appeared in various journals, on radio, and in the daily press.

 Ludwig Bauer. B. 1941 in Sisak, Croatia. He received his B.A. in Slavic Studies from the University of Zagreb, and attended post-graduate studies in Prague. His work includes over 30 fiction titles in several languages.  Bauer’s children stories are compulsory reading for elementary schools in Croatia. For his anthology of the contemporary Slovak poetry – Crna violina (The Black Violine) – he received the highest Slovak award “Hviezdoslavova cena” (Hviezdoslav Prize) in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2010.

David Bedrač . Born in 1978, the Slovenian poet, essayist, and literary critic. He is author of poetry collections for adults Infinity (1998), Poetry piers (2001) and Songs from the windows (2006), and Centimeter World. And for children he issued a collection of songs, a poetic picture book house (2008), the collection Gugajčki and Gugaji. Leads literary workshops and camps across Slovenia Ptuj and a literary club. He has won first prize in the contest Liter (1999) and the winner of Ptuj Lamp (2007).

Andrej Blatnik. (b. 1963) works as an editor and teaches creative writing. So far he has published three novels, Plamenice in Solze (Torches and Tears, 1987), Tao ljubezni (Closer to Love, 1996) and Spremeni me (Change Me, 2008), and four collections of short stories, the latest one being Zakon želje (Law of Desire, 2000). He has also published three non-fiction books). He enjoys traveling, always on a shoestring.

James G. Coon. (b. 1950, Cincinnati, USA) is a founding editor of New Europe Writers. His work has appeared in Warsaw Tales, Prague Tales, Budapest Tales, and elsewhere. Currently a resident of Bangkok, he is a frequent visitor to that wondrous land located between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.

 Milan Dekleva. (b.1946 in Ljubljana) is a poet, essayist and novelist, who has published fifteen books of poetry and several plays, the book of short stories and three novels as well as many children’s books and musicals. An accomplished jazz pianist and a former rugby player, Dekleva, an award-winning author, rose a particular prominence in the nineties.

Miriam Drev.Born. 1957 in Ljubljana, she graduated from the Faculty of Art at Ljubljana University  in Comparative Literature and English.. Her literary translations are considered round 60 of books; souredila and translated the text is an anthology of new British writing: Last year she hasb recently published his book of poems Nativity, now in preparation, the third collection.

Andrew Fincham. (b. 1964, Staffordshire, England) is a co-founder of New Europe Writers. His poetry has appeared in over a dozen anthologies. The bilingual Centre of Gravity (Ibis 2004) received the UNESCO / Poezja Dzisiaj award for foreign poetry in Poland. Many of his Uncle Dint stories have appeared in former N.E.W. anthologies.

Evald Flisar. Born  1945 in Gerlinci in the Prekmurje region of eastern Slovenia. is a novelist, short story writer, playwright, essayist and editor of the oldest Slovenian literary journal Sodobnost, published since 1933. He read comparative literature at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and English in London, where he spent 17 years of his life, editing (among other things) an encyclopeadia of science and writing stories and radio plays for the BBC

Ivo Frbežar. Born 1949 Ljubljana he is, poet, writer, painter, graphic designer, publicist, editor and publisher In 1984 he founded the Literary Club Grosuplje, and the RES literary magazine, which was published several years and he became its first editor in chief. For some years now he e has organized,  a literary summer school in the Cochlear Grosupljem. He has so far issued 14 own books, of which 2 in translation abroad by choosing (miscellanies, anthologies), and participated in six.

Niko Grafanauer  b. 1940….Slovenia  is a famous Slovenian readers as a very versatile artist for adults and children, translator, essayist and editor of the legendary New magazine, one of the driving forces of the Slovenian Spring, Singing and thinking are in his poetry is always two faces of one journey, which is in Slovenian poetry without binding cases and for future generations of readers and writers.

Brian Henry. b.  1972 in Columbus, Ohio  is a poet, translator, editor, and literary critic. He lives in Richmond, Virginia. Since 1995, governed by the magazine “Verse”, during the years 1997-98 while he was a poetry editor for the Australian magazine ‘Meanjin. Poems published in numerous magazines worldwide, such as “The Paris Review,” “The Yale Review” , “American Poetry Review,” etc. As he writes poetry critic for the “Times Literary Supplement ‘,’ PN Review.

David Hill. (b. England, 1971) lives in Washington and has published Angels and Astronauts, Bald Ambition, and Consumed. His free quarterly leaflet Lyriklife features examples of his published work, including translations from German, Hungarian, Romanian, and Russian. An avid poetry performer, he founded The Budapest Bardroom and is preparing Danube Black.

Alojz Ihan(b. ….1961….) is a doctor, specialist in medical microbiology and immunology from Slovenia. Beside his medical profession he is also an acclaimed poet, writer, essayist and editor. He is also known for his poetry and regularly publishes essays and oppinons in Slovene newspapers and journals. He received the Prešeren Foundation Award for his poetry collection Srebrnik (Silver Coin) in 1987 and in 1996 won the Jenko Award for his poetry colletion Južno dekle (Southern Girl).

Jure Jacob (b. 1977) ….In 2003 LUD.  Literatura published his first collection of poems Tri postaje (Three Stations), for which he was awarded the Zlata ptica Award for outstanding achievements of a young artist. His second collection Budnost (Wakefulness, 2006) was short-listed for The Jenko Prize for poetry. He works as a literary critic and lives in Ljubljana.

Milan Klec.  (b. 1954, Slovenia ) is a poet, playwright and novelist. After a few years of teaching(those children remember him with gratitude) he has survived since 1979 as afreelance writer in his hometown.. He has written 7 poetry books, 3 plays and 21 novels and books of short stories. In 2007 he won the Prešeren Foundation Award and before that theŽupančič Prize (1989) and Jenko Prize (1980).

Miroslav Košuta. (b.  1936   … ) is a Slovene poet, playwright and translator from Trieste, a younger representative of Intimism and Socialist Realism. On 7 February 2011, he received the Prešeren Award, the highest cultural award in Slovenia, for his poetry and contributions to the preservation of the Slovene language in Italy.

Asko Kunnap. b. 1971 in Tartu, Estonia, is a poet with many talents, a synthesis of a writer and an artist, and his books of poems all reflect it He also  is an illustrator, designs books, board games and CD covers and runs a alternative micro publishing house Näo Kirik (The Face Church) as well as writing poetry.  His poems are included in the Arc anthology, A Fine Line: New Poetry from Eastern & Central Europe (2004) published in the UK, and in the anthology of new European poetry,

Barbara Marčič. b. Maribor, she went to the Music and Ballet School where she learned to play the flute. She started her dance education in 1995, when she joined the famous Mojca Ussar who taught her Jazz Ballet. Throughout her education (from 1993 to 2000) she was freelancing for the Slovenian National Theater Maribor, where she appeared in plays as well as dance and music shows.

Dragica Marinič.(b. 1959, Maribor), is an artist and song-writer, sculptor and director of the Public Institute Youth Cultural Centre in Maribor and the President of the Slovenian Association of Art Therapists. Exhibited in group (Society Ceramicists Podravje Majolica) and solo exhibitions (Union, 2000). Literature she has published in journals My Brush, Apocalypse, Locutio on-line, radio, Maribor and Ljubljana and journals on the World Day of Prayer.

Wojciech Maslarz. (b. Kutno, Poland, 1962) is a philologist, English teacher, poet, and translator who lives in Zyrardow.. He has recently published 4 chapbooks of verse The Image of the Minotaur, Giradova Zelazna Miasto, London Burning and The Oyster Knife. He is Polish Editor of New Europe Writers.

 Marinka M. Miklič. Born in 1948 in Štritu, since 1964 lives in Novo Mesto, she is a member of the Literary Society of Designing. She writes short stories, novels, spoof, satire and anecdotes, which she has published in literary and other magazines.  January 2010 has in Postojna with the Humoresko Diploma won the prose Mnogoboja 2010, May the same year she received a Pen Onino 2010,. In August 2011, Slovenian readers voted her the Anecdote Thong Onino Story of all Stories.

 Brane Mozetic. (b. 1958, Slovenia ) is a poet, prose writer, and editor of the literary collections Aleph (Center for Slovenian Literature) and Lambda (Škuc), His opus extends to twelve poetry collections, a book of short stories and two novels. For his poetry book Banalije (Banalities, 2003) he received the Jenko Award. With Še banalije (More Banalities, 2005) and In še (And More, 2007) .

Raman Mundair..Born in Ludhiana, India, she is a writer and artist. and came to live in the UK at the age of five. She is the author of two volumes of poetry, A Choreographer’s Cartography and Lovers, Liars, Conjurers and Thieves – both published by Peepal Tree Press.. Her collection of short stories In the Light of Other was published in 2008. She now resides in Scotland.

Ales Mustar.  (b.1968, Slovenia) is a poet and translator. He has degrees in English and Education from the Faculty of Arts and a Ph.D. in Romanian literature from the University of Bucharest His poetry has been published in all major magazines and translated into English, Macedonian, Romanian, Czech, and Polish. His bookof poetry Court Interpretations was translated into English and Macedonian.He also writes texts for alternative theatre performances without an actor (Sixteen turns, 2005,Feng shot 2011).

Boris A. Novak. b. Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1953. a Slovene poet, playwright and translator, was He is a professor of Comparative Literature and Philosophy. Novak has been a freelance writer, a dramaturg in the Slovene National Theatre in Ljubljana, and an editor of Nova revija (The New Magazine).. He currently edits a literary magazine for children Kurirèek (The Little Messenger). He has received several art awards, among others a Prešeren fund award, the highest Slovene national art award, for his poetry.

 Iztok Osjnik. (b. 1951, Ljubljana) is a poet, fiction writer, and festival organizer who has published 28 collections of poetry the last one Married to Red in 2012), four novels (including Dark Matter and Pigs Fly into the Sky). and four novels. He now runs the Golden Boat International Poetry Translation Workshop and the Škocjan International Conference on Comparative Literature.

Josip Osti. Born Sarajevo, 1945,a poet, prose writer and essayist, literary critic, anthologist and translator, He was the editor of the culture part of the student magazine Naši dani, editor at the publishing house Veselin Masleša, Secretary of the literature society of the city of Sarajevo and Director of the international literary festival Sarajevo Days of Poetry, He lives as a freelance artist in Tomaj, Slovenia.

Ana Pepelnik.(b.1979) lives in Ljubljana. She studied Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana. She works as a presenter for the independent radio station Radio Študent and takes part in music-poetry performances. Her poems have been published in the journals of Literatura and Dialogi.; Her second book, Utrip oranžnih luči na semaforjih came out in spring 2009. Her translations of poetry into Slovene include the following: Elizabeth Bishop, James M. Schuyler, Matthew Zapruder ( American Linden; Šerpa 2008), but she also translates into English.

Miha Pintarič  was born on October 12, 1963, in Ljubljana. He teaches French literature of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. He has published two poetry collections: Nugae (LUD Literatura, Ljubljana, 2007) and Molitve (Prayers, Mohorjeva družba, Celje, 2009), and an essay collection Neškropljene limone (Unsprayed Lemons, Mohorjeva družba, Celje, 2008), nominated for the Rožanc Prize.

Tatjana Jamnik Pocajt. B. Maribor,Slovenia, she is writer, poet, photographer, theater director, choreographer. Her creative and life path was marked by dancing, which has been her faithful companion since childhood. then another master’s degree in business studies and declarative, haiku. Various literary magazines (Apocalypse, Mentor, Four Seasons, Locutio) and also on Radio Slovenia Literary and Nocturne. have published several of her poems and haiku- which are also included in the Slovenian Haiku anthology Pond Silence (2005) and translated into 11 languages. From prose texts were first created short stories by some also published in literary magazines and newspapers (7D, Apocalypse, Mentor, Locutio),

Gregor Podlogar. b. Ljubljana in 1974, graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the University of Ljubljana. He has published his poems in various literary magazines in Slovenia and abroad. Aleph Press published his first two collections of poetry, States (1997) and Joy in Vertigo (2002). In co-authorship with the poet Primož Čučnik and Žiga Kariž, a painter, an experimental book on New York entitled Ode on Manhattan Ave (2003) came out with Sherpa Press. In 2006 A Million Seconds Closer was published by Literatura Press. He lives, works and drinks tea in Ljubljana.

 Andraž Polič. Born 1972 , Slovenia , is a poet, composer, musician, actor. He has composed music for dozens of theatre production at home and abroad. He is a member of the group Hamlet Express and lives in Ljubljana and Prague.

Lili Potpara. (b. 1965, Maribor, Slovenia) is a writer and freelance translator who works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her short stories have been published in literary magazines and collected into two books: Zgodbe na dusek (Bottoms Up Stories, LUD Literatura, 2002) and Prosim, preberi (Please, Read Me, LUD Literatura, 2006). Zgodbe na dusek won the best literary debut award at the 2002 Slovenian Book Fair and was reprinted in 2006. She is the translator of many novels from English into Slovenian, including Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, which was recognized as an excellent achievement by the Slovenian Literary Translators’ Association in 2008.

Sebastjan Pregelj. b. 1970 in Ljubljana he belongs to a younger generation of Slovenian writers. Since 1991, publishing his stories in literary magazines. In 1996 he released his debut Burkači, desecrators and krivoprisežniki, followed by collection of short stories Cirilina flower, sows without pearls and Awakening.. Pregelj was with all three novels a finalist for the Kresnik Award – Award for Best Novel, awarded by the newspaper Delo

  Aleksander Prokopiev. b. 1953 in Skopje, Macedonia. A former Balkan rock star with Idols and Mouth to Mouth, he studied Ethno-Philology in Paris and has also worked as a writer, editor and director of Balkan Projects at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje. He has published fourteen books of short stories and essays including The Young Master of the Game (1983), Letter about a Snake (1992), Anti-Instructions for Personal Use (1996) and The Man With Four Watches (2003).

Yana Punkinab. 1984 and grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has BA in Bulgarian language and literature from Sofia University, St. Climent Ohridski. Since 2008 she has worked for Bulgaria National Radio’s cultural channel, ‘Hristo Botev’. Her first collection of poems, Pause, was published earlier this year.

Angus Reid.(b. UK, 1960) lived for ten eventful years in Ljubljana.  He wrote, directed and edited The Ring, which won ‘Best Central European Documentary Feature’ at Jihlava IDFF, and Afriko v Glavo!, both of which were part-commissioned and broadcast by RTV Slovenia.  He wrote and published a number of books at the same time, including two collections of poetry, The Gift and White Medicine.

Delimir Rešicki,  b. 1960 in the Baranja region of Croatia,  poet, writer, literary critic, editor of the daily newspaper Glas Slavonije, He is one of the leading contemporary Croatian poets and his poems have been included in various anthologies and translated into several languages.

Miomira Šegina. b. 1962 in Srebrenica  After high school she enrolled in medical school in Tuzla, in the second year of study, she moved to Slovenia. Economist, which is safe chair in a big company to replace the dynamic swing freelance journalist. Now is a registered Kulturnica the previously described areas of work: playwright, novelist, photographer. This is rocking it became commonplace.

 Peter Semolic. Born in Ljubljana in 1967, studied general linguistics and cultural studies at the University of Ljubljana. He is the author of eight books of poetry: He received many prizes for his work, including the two most eminent awards in Slovenia, Jenko’s Poetry Prize and the Prešeren Prize — the National Award for Literature and Arts. In 1998 he also won the Vilenica Crystal Award. Peter Semolič also writes radio plays, children’s literature and translates from English, French, Serbian and Croatian. His poetry has been translated into Italian, French, Spanish, English, German, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Serbian.

Miroslav Slana. b. 1949, Sovjak. Slovenian playwright, essayist, poet, writer, journalist and critic, He studied comparative literature at the University of Ljubljana and Zagreb. He works as a freelance writer and journalist in Maribor.  He has won literary prizes and awards to: Yugoslav Kurirček festival, dragon games, call for short story 7D, theater festival in Kranj, the original theatrical work, literary Štatenbergu, ZBZ Slovenia, Gold Microphone Festival dialect songs, diploma Dalmatia u hikes, etc.

Morelle Smith. Born in Edinburgh Scotland, she has published several collections of poetry and two of fiction. The most recent poetry collection is Gold Tracks, Fallen Fruit which came out in 2011.  She also writes travel articles and translates from French.

Ronny Someck. b. 1951 .in Baghdad and came to Israel as a young child. He studied Hebrew literature and philosophy at Tel Aviv University and drawing at the Avni Academy of Art. He has worked with street gangs, and currently teaches literature and leads creative writing workshops, he has published 10 volumes of poetry, selections of which have appeared in Arabic translation, French (with the exile Iraqi poet- A.K. El-Janabi), Catalan, Albanian, Italian, Macedonian, Croatian, Yiddish, Nepali, Dutch, Danish and English.

Marjan Strojan.  b. Ljubljana 1949; poet, translator, film critic; raised on his uncle’s farm in the fifties; studied philosophy and comparative literature in the seventies; Currently with the Cultural programme of Radio Slovenia in Ljubljana.. Strojan’s poetry appeared in German, Check and Polish, Spanish, Italian and English translations. He is an honorary fellow of IWP, University of Iowa, and a vice president of Slovenian national committee of PEN.

Lucija Stupica. b. 1971 in Celje, lives in Ljubljana  from the beginning of had studied architecture. Since 1997 she has published poems in the Slovenian literary magazines: Literature, New Magazine and Modern. She writes articles on architecture and design, deals with the design of interior design. Her debut Brow in the Sun, which was published  by Beletrina, has outlined her creative journey in the direction of poetic creation.

 Sigurbjorg Thrastardottir.(b. Reykjavik, Iceland 1973) is a writer and columnist. Her debut collection of poetry, Blálogaland (Land of Blue Flames) was published in spring 1999,. As well as poetry she has written dramatic and prose texts, and her first novel, Sólar Saga (The Story of Sun), received the Tomas Gudmundsson Literary Prize in 2002. A bilingual collection of her poems in Icelandic and English (translated by Bernard Scudder), To Bleed Straight, was published by Forlagið in 2008

Suzan Tratnik. b. 1963 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. A writer, journalist, essayist and gay activist, she is the co-editor of L, She is the author of short story collections Pod niclo (Below Zero, 2001, published in German as Unterm Strich by Milena Verlag) and Na svojem dvoriau (In One’s Own Backyard) and of a novel, Ime mi je Damijan (My name is Damian), which will be published in Czech, German and Serbian in 2005. She has translated several books of British and American fiction and non-fiction for different publishers

  Maja Vidmar. born 1961) is a Slovene poet, author of several poetry collections. For her collection of poems Prisotnost (Presence) she won the Jenko Award in 2005 and the Prešeren Foundation Award in 2006 has published many collections of poetry, Her body-based lyricism, distilled and sensual, represents a very specific female writing which addresses the reader with an incredible directness, rather than reflection. She lives with her husband, who is an actor, and two children, in Ljubljana

 Robert Vrbnjak. Born in 1963 in Rijeka, Croatia, he has published short stories in several Croatian literary magazines as well as two novels. His books include a collection of short stories, Triplex letačice, 1996; a poetry book, Pjesme kartonskog lutka, 2010; and two novels, Zbog munjolova, zaborava i kemijskog sastava ljubavi, 2010 and Dobitnik (under the pen name Tamoya Sanshal), winner of the 2008 Croatian Science Fiction award SFera.

 Duska Vrhovac.  b. 1947 in Banja Luka, former Yugoslavia , writer, journalist and translator,. She graduated contemporary literature at Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. She lives in Belgrade, Serbia.  She has published 17 books of poetry many of which have been translated, in part or in full, in 16 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian…) and she is considered one of the most famous contemporary poets from Serbia.

 Jadran Zalokar.b.1947 in Ljubljana, He lives and works in Rijeka, Croatia. He is the doctor of Philosophical sciences, a haiku poet and an artist. At the moment, he has just  started a project under working title The World Haiku Anthology.

 Andrew Zawacki. (b.1972….) is an American poet, critic, editor, and translator. His first book By Reason of Breakings won the 2001 University of Georgia Contemporary Poetry Series, chosen by Forrest Gander. He has held fellowships from  the Slovenian Writers’ Association in Slovenia, the Millay Colony, the Saltonstall Colony, and the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference.. He  has co-edited the international literary magazine Verse with Brian Henry since 1995 and has taught at the University of Georgia since 2005.

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